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First circulated during the AFM 2016 events, STAROAD’s “CENTURIES” project integrates in a unique way actual history and yet adventure, facts and philosophy, epic and family life, love and war, interacting worldwide events and personal struggles for life together with the quest for ultimate truth and wealth, although seldom both simultaneously.

To the comprehensive formatted script previously achieved for the first tier of the CENTURY ONE trilogy we are now adding the scripts for the second and third tiers, so that the lives and events of the heroes entangled from Roma or even Britannia to China, yet through Judean and other middle-eastern civilizations, now span most of the century.

There are therefore many dimensions to make the lore uniquely appealing to international all public audience and above all the solid prospect of a system of interwoven breath holding stories and quests across territories and epochs to keep the series of feature trilogies ongoing and get toward its conclusions after the forty centuries currently targeted.

Extracts from the script

A final burst, the explosion of the Vesuvius, wipes the whole shore of the Napoli Bay with cities such as Pompeii, Herculaneum... as finally shown to be seen from a beach on Capri Island, under a red and dark grey sky as if a final night had fallen.

Barely a quarter of hour later, the soldiers are back with a heavily haired large head on a plate, freshly cut and still leaking small flows of red blood.

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